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    Cool kholo kholo - PERFECT CHORDS !!

    please note that i am not using the plucking method .. the orginal i.e which involves playing th 2nd and the 4th frets on ur a string and then 2nd fret on the g string and then a pull off on the e. this is very close to the original if u can play it correct .. i do and it sounds nice . njoy

    kholo kholo darwaze parde karo kinare
    Em..................A.................... ( same for the verse till .. )

    kyun is kadar hairan tu
    G...............A............. ( same till the chorus .. )

    tu dhoop hai chhan se bikhar
    B*.............G*................. (B*- 024400 ..... G*- 304400 )
    tu hai nadi o bekhabar
    beh chal kahi ud chal kahi
    dil khush jahan teri to manzil hai wahiii-iiiiiiii-iiiiiiiii
    G...................A....................G........ G*...B*

    strumming -
    for the intro and verse .. during the Em part .. hit the open e string and then strum one down the entire chord.. then play all open up stroke once .. and then play u-d-u fast and add another down stroke to this fast sequence .. except this time u shall hammer on the a chord. and finally u play u-d-u-d on the a itself. then it repeats. so the entire sequence goes- Em(d-d)... open(u-u-d-u).. A(hammer on, u-d-u-d) ..
    for the rest of the song u can easily figure out the strumming.

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    Jan 2011
    plz plz do reply if ur checking this.. it wud encourage me ... anything is welcome ..
    logical criticism ..
    i dont have time to check ur chords ..
    or even i already know these ..
    or anything .. an empty reply box looks lame thnku !

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    Here are the near perfect chords for this song..The Intro and Verses are played in two guitars in the OST.
    My arrangement is for single guitar only(It sounds perfect with my chords)

    (Em)kholo kholo darwaze (A7)parde karo kinare
    (Em)khuntey se bandhi hai hawa (A7)mil ke chhudao saare..(Em)..(A7)..

    (Em)aa jao patang leke (A7)apne hi rang leke
    (Em)aasmaan ka shamiyana (A7)aaj hamein hai sajana..(Em)..(A7)..

    (Em)kyun is kadar..(A7)hai(Em)raan tu..(A7)
    (Em)mausam ka hai..(A7)..meh(Em)maan tu..(A7)
    ..Oo..(Em)duniya sajee..(A7)..te(Em)re liye..(A7)
    (Em)khud ko zara..(A7)..peh(Em)chaan tu..(A7)

    (Bsus4/E)tu dhoop hain chham (GM13)se bikhar..
    ..tu (Em)hai nadee..Oo..(G)bekhabar..(A)..
    ..beh (Bsus4/E)chal kahin ud (GM13)chal kahin..
    ..dil (Em)khush jahan..(G)teri toh manzil hai wa(F#11)hin..(Em7/G)..(Badd11)

    (G)Oo..kyun is kadar hai(Asus2)raan tu
    (G)mausam ka hai meh(Em)maan tu

    (Esus4)khul gaya (D)aasmaan ka rasta dekho (Esus4)khul gaya..(D)
    (Bm)mil gaya (Am)kho gaya tha jo sitara (Esus4)mil gaya..(Em)mil gaya
    rest is same


    Use the following voicings to get the exact sound as OST:
    (Bsus4/E-024400) (GM13-324400)
    (F#11-244300) (Badd11-x24440)
    (Esus4-0222xx) (Em7/G-355400)
    (A7-x02020) (Asus2-x02200)
    "I've been imitated so well that I've seen people copy my mistakes even on YouTube"- jimi h-n-d-r-x

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