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    Jo bhi mai (my version)

    Song Name: Jo Bhi Main
    Movie: Rockstar
    Singers:Mohit Chauhan
    Music Director: A. R. Rahman
    Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

    INTRO is played till firts stanza


    Yah Yah Yah
    yeah yeah yeah
    Oh yeh
    yeah yeah yeah
    Oooo Oooo


    (G)Jo bhi main
    (Em7)Kehna chahun(Em)
    (G)Barbaad (Em)kare..[first two strum on G rest on Em]
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere

    (Em)O ya ya…
    (D)Ya ya ya [ u can add these 4 chords in 4 strum D..Dsus4.D.Dsus2]
    (Em)Ya ha hm …
    (D)O o o ho

    jhang! jhang!
    (Em) - (Em7)

    Firts Stanza:::::::
    (G)Kabhi mujhe lage ke jaise,
    (C)Sara hi ye jahan hai jadu
    (Am)Jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai yeh,
    (D)Fiza, ghata, hawa bahare,

    (G)Mujhe karein
    (Bm)Ishare, yeah,
    (C6)Kaise kahun
    (D)Kahani main inki

    (Em7)Jo bhi main(Em)
    (Em7)Kehna chahun(Em)
    (G)Barbaad (Em)kare
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere

    (Em)O ya ya…
    (D)Ya ya ya
    (Em)Ya ha hm …
    (D)O o o

    Second Stanza::::::
    (G)Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar
    (C)Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe
    (Am)Khudhi ko hum sabhi main dekhein
    (D)Nahin hoon main hoon main toh phir bhi

    (G)Sahi galat,
    (Bm)Tumhara main
    (C6)Mujhe paana,
    (D)Paana hai khud ko

    (Em7)Jo bhi main(Em)
    (Em7)Kehna chahun(Em)
    (G)Barbaad (Em)kare
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere
    (Dsus2)Alfaaz (Em)mere

    (Em)O ya ya…
    (D)Ya ya ya
    (Em)Ya ha hm …
    (D)O o o
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    strumming pattern plz



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