Runescape manufacturer launched the Jagex Runescape Gold Games Studio today DarkScape, player vs. player (PvP) MMO set in the sand "ambiguous, alternative game universe," according to Jagex. DarkScape is free to play and include areas of Gielinor usually reserved for members of Runescape.

According to Jagex, DarkScape brings the open world of free to play this game PvP, and "scape heritage" combat system, and the value of resources in high-risk areas. Drop the items are not considered in the basement after the Bank of death but the benefits of the members of the scape space including dual Bank, + 50% XP and an additional factor wants to die.

"Great masses of survival sandbox games, was born DarkScape the idea that the first spread in the studio a few years ago." Said Conor Crowley, excellent product DarkScape even though he was on the backburner, and he stayed with us. "The new development of the landscape world, one where the protection rules as well as plant older to play varieties that have proven to be very exciting. We spent time searching for a way to get DarkScape the hands of the players as soon as possible, until the start of the game today is very much the first experimental step in. That said, and will be further developed and continue to develop on the basis of Buy RS Gold the extent of players to explore a new look for our MMO experience a killer! "

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