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    Smile Jab Kabhi - Jhankaar Beats

    a slow and good it very much...

    Jab Kabhi - Jhankaar Beats

    Jab Kabhi Chand Na Ho

    Andheri Raat Ho

    Darna woh Hoga Mujhko

    Agar Tu

    Saath Ho

    Jab Kabhi Baadal Chaaye Ya Ghani Barsaat Ho
    Hogi Khushi Har Ek Boond Mein Agar Tu Saath Ho

    Is Jahan Mein Koi Mera,

    Ho Bhi Ya Na Ho

    Har Ek Lamha bhar Jayega

    Roshni Se Bas Agar tum Saath ho

    Jab Kabhi, Jaab Kabhi
    Aanso Aye, Aanso Aye
    Ya Buri, Ya Buri
    Saugat Ho, Saugat Ho
    Muskura Longa Main To Phir Bhi
    Agar Tum Saath Ho

    (Same as is jahan....)

    Tum Yaha Ho To Sari Duniyan Hain Idhar
    Sare Armaan Khwaab Saare Bangaye Hai
    Ab Tumhari Ek Nazar

    Jab Kabhi Jab Kabhi
    Dil Ghabraye Dil Ghabraye
    Saamne Saamne Maat Ho Jeet Ke ***hlaonga
    Agar Tum Saath Ho
    Jab Kabhi Jab Kabhi
    Haste Aye Haste Aye
    Khushiyon Ki
    Khushiyon Ki Baarat Ho
    Zindagi Hogi Jannat
    Agar Tum Saath Ho

    suggestions and corrections welcomed
    TaKe LiFe As It CoMes....

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    can anyone send the tabs for this song??

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    Hey har*** can you check the chords again? I dont have the audio on me, i remember just at a high level.. and not the bass and piano runs.. and the lead..

    but if i m not wrong intro is like this...

    Fm9.............................. wierd buzz synth sound piano arp plays Fm9

    then song Starts

    jab Kabi..... Asso Aaye
    Fm9........... Eb6

    Andheri....... Raat Ho
    DbM7.......... Cm7

    Darana wo hoga mujhko
    Eb ..............Eb(4 7 ???? gotto listen but Eb derived chord here maybe Cm7)

    Agar Tu Saath Ho

    The chorus chord sequence is also Different from your post har***.

    It goes something like
    Fm7-Eb-DbM7 i think.. have to listen to the song again to confirm

    I will post the whole song after i have the audio if possible, in the meantime just try the combination of chords i posted to see if it sounds ok.

    u guys can ignore all the 7 9 etc, thats not that imp, and play just the major minor .. i posted this because my sequence is chords is slightly different.. check it out.

    yup its a very good song.

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    ;rock: .... <-- this 1 only J knows y..
    Opinions are like a$$holes. Evrybdy has one.




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