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    Aug 2008

    Cool i want to change strings of my guitar and i m confused

    i want to change strings of my guitar and i m confused which one to buy,
    so plz suggest me a good pack of strings which are economical too.

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    sam_jublee is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2008
    Hey u Can select any strings u want............... varying prices............ depends on what type of music u want................. price ranges of string varys from 60 bucks to 300 bucks................ u must have guessed the quality difference................. if u r playing a National level rock concert i will advice u a 200 - 300 bucks string set but if only for learning and practicing purpose a 60 buck is not too bad............ even i use it.............. hope it helps............
    You may Say I am A DREAMER......

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    Princeton, NJ
    I dont know about which strings we get in india but I can tell you that strings come in different gauges( thickness I think).If you play an acoustic guitar and prefer to have a more bass when you strum a chord, you can go for string gauges from 9-42 or even more like strings starting with 10 gauge. However keep in mind that it'll be harder to bend a string with gauge 10 or 11 like two notes sharp if you have small hands. If you have small hands or prefer to bend strings with a single push of ur fingers then you should consider the 8-36 gauge strings. or you can mix it up with different gauges or something...good luck anyway

    I use a custom set since I keep my guitar tuned 1/2 step down all the time(lot of metallica songs).

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    Jun 2007
    Well you can go for D'addario I think they rock whether acoustic or electric these are one of the best brands i have used n i stick to them.

    And if you want some low end strings as you are from delhi you can try for JIMM or Alice if they are available. They were available last time i went to dariya ganj for strings.

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    xtc1992 is offline Newbie
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    May 2008
    I`m currently using Karuna Strings which are famous in India...they cost me around.....65bucks...good piece if u r a beginner...or a semi-pro



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