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this took me a whole sleepless night to do...i slept at 4am :sleepy:...and also the help of my new good bud Dj...thanx

fer help wid the 3 key chord chart. play the guitar lightly during the begining - and start strumming only after you reach the end of

the first verse and begining of the interlude - which is basicall F#m D A. Its on the scale of A. it sounds great to me. you might want

to edit the chord play in the second verse to your liking. It sounds pretty compatible with the audio as well. i personaly feel though

that it sounds much better - maybe cuz of my voice - on the Fscale...but its really up to you...umm - yeah - play all Barre

Chords...they sond a lot more neater...

wat else...feedback and corrections please...doing its audio recording...but i aint happy wid my voice yet...come back after a

cupla dez if you want the audio and strumming pattern...i'll put it in the soundtrack section

I'm getting a DigiCam for my birthday...pics soon...
or8 irshaan its raoul, rite i wer bored on the cpu so i typed up 'Irshaan Guitarist' on google, and found it came up with fat kax, i saw u on this site on the last journey to india, love from the familly, we're coming there on the 13th, sunday so i'll catch yer l8er,
safe 'bro