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    oxster is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2008

    how to identify strum pattern

    Hi, I am a little new here, this site has been a lot of help to me.
    I have been playing guitar for six months now, mostly by myself no teacher, can play most of the tabs easily(trying stairway to heaven by led zepplin now a days).
    I can also play most of the chords individually, but when it comes to doin songs i just can not get the strumming pattern of any song, i want to know how u identify the strumming pattern..
    I am really confused as to how to play them. Will someone plz help me with this, i will be thankfull.

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    AhsenBhai is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2007
    I know what you mean ... i have been playing close to a year and i still find that abit challenging. I usually try to sing along with the chords and see which strokes go well.

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    Sep 2007
    hey Oxster nice effort yaar....
    m also learning by myself only since about 8 months n i play lead(tabs), rythm n bass also..
    its very easy to figure out d strumming patter(though very difficult for beginners).
    isuggest u to 2 listen d song carefully. listen tat particular song contineous 10 to 12 times or more till then atleast u gt d rough idea abt d strum ...
    another way of finding d strum is tat listen d song and its drums beats(its easy to figure out). In d song d stum of guitar and beats of drums is same(leave d roll part of drums).
    Even if u cant figure out den use dis
    DDU UDU - dis d rock strum n used almost in 70% songs especially rock songs
    D DUDU or D UDUD - dis is folk strum and also most popular strumpattern which is used in many songs .
    there is also diffrent patter which hav 2 figure out by listening d song....
    like in hotel california - DDUD UUDUDU
    LIke a stone by audio slave - D DD DDD or D DU UDU etc....

    in some of d song there is same strum pattern is used as stated above but tat is split on more than one chord so tat u hav 2 listen d son n have to figure out ..

    try out d level best....
    bst of luk
    .................................................. .................................................. ....
    Rock on Guys..................



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