Hey guyz,

This song can be played in two ways open and barred.
Actually this song is played in barred cos there is lots of muting while playing the chords. Beginners can get the R n B by playing open chords

Let me know if youl like these chords........Also let me know if u wanna know strumming pattern, but i guess youl can figure it out...

If u wanna play muted, this are the chords position..
[Muted chords sounds Zhannng with post mute. Listen to the start of the song, where Am is muted while playing]

[Am] - 577555
[Gm] - 355433
[C] - 335553

Start Am....{muted}

[Am]Aankhon pe mohabbat likh de
[Gm]saanso pe mohabbat likh de
[Am]hoton pe mohabbat [C]likh de
[Gm]kehta hai dil deewana
[Am]jo dil main chuppi hai mere
[Gm]jo dil main chuppi hai tere
[Gm]dhadkan pe woh chahat [C]likh de
[Gm]kehta hai dil deewana

[Am]dholiyaa dholna
[Gm]raaz e dil kholna
[Am]dholiyaa dholna
[Gm]aage kuch to bolna

[Am]teri palkon ka [C]jhuk jana
[Gm]tera chupp chupp [Am]ke sharmaana
[Am]bin bole keh [C]jataa hai
[Gm]tera anjaana [Am]afsana

[Am]tere baaton mein hai [Gm]jadoo
[Am]karta hai mujhe [Gm]bekaabo
[C]kya haal jiya ka ab [Gm]hai mere
[Am]jaane na jaane na tu

Rest Remains the same...
cheer on..

ankhoon pe mohabbat likh de
raaton pe mohabbat likh de
pal pal pe mohabbat likh de
Kehta hai dil deewana
dholiyaa dholna
raaz e dil kholna
dholiyaa dholna
aage kuch to bolna

tu saamne jab mere aayi
meri nazron pe chayi
tera roop rang jo dekha
to udh gayi meri hawaai
tere ishq pe kiya bharosa
naa dena mujhko dhoka
teri aur kheenchi chali aai mein to
khud ko kitna roka
dharti pe mohabbat likh de
amber pe mohabbat likh de
manzar pe mohabbat likh de
kehta hai dil dewwana
dholiyaa dholna
raaz e dil kholna
dholiyaa dholna
aage kuch to bolna

aankhon pe
saanso mein
hoton pe
baaton pe
raaton pe
pal pal mein
mere dil pe mohabbat likh de..