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Thread: Help plz guys

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    Setu is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2004

    Unhappy Help plz guys

    It is very importanat.

    I need to have the chords or tabs of RHTDM.

    especialy - ZARA ZARA & Rehna hey tere dil mein

    guys plz hlp me
    I am what i am i can do what ever i can

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    Apr 2004
    zara zara.........
    e -----------------------------------------------------------8-------
    B -8--9--8--9--9--8--9--11--8--9--9--8--9--11--8--9--8--8--9--8--
    G --
    D --
    A --
    E --

    tan badan ...
    e -------------------------------------------------------------------
    B -8-9--8--9--9--8--9--11--8--9--9--8--9--11--8--9--6--9-8--6-8-4-
    G --
    D --
    A --
    E --

    e -------------------------------------------------------------------
    B --6----6--9--8--4--4--8--6--2--2--4--2--1--8--8--6----------- X2
    G --
    D --
    A --
    E --

    this is just a part...i could write now..
    take care..
    If I die tonight...
    Will you miss me?
    Will you feel the need to tell me something
    Whispering on the mist, when I'm gone?
    Will you get along with the idea
    Of me not being here anymore?
    Or like a passing shadow,
    Will you replace me with the sunlight?



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