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Thread: Help plz??????

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    ru4me is offline Guitarist
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    Nov 2008

    Help plz??????

    i have a new problem which is
    lets example i learning "EK DIN TERE RAHOO MAIN"
    Which chords like

    ek din tere rahoo main(EM) bahoo main(F) pnahoo main(AM)

    and USE strumming pettron like DUDUD

    the problem start when i strum on DUDUD on EM and DUDUD on F and DUDUD on Am
    the problem start when i start strum DUDUD on EM but my when i strum only DUD the song demand to paly EM because singer sing "BAHOO MAIN" so i m unable to complete my strumming on One note and the 2nd note start and in 2nd note i start strum from begning like DUD if i continue last note strumming which remainign part UD on 2nd note then rythem of the song distrub soooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me any way to find out this problem i reffer you because u solve my problem in many times plzzzzzzzzzz man do helpo me

    if any probelm to understand my probelm them PM me becasue i relly remove this problem

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    ashik_007 is offline Newbie
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    May 2008
    I may be able to help you coz i have been learning this song since a week or so.

    Firstly i use different chords. I found those chords from this site. Ok now i kind of get your problem but to help you out please post the lyrics and then place the chords at the exact point you play them while singing?

    For example below is the first few lines and the chords that i play:

    Ek d(Dm)in

    Ek d(Dm)in teri raahon mein

    (Bb)Bahon mein panaahon mein

    Aung(Fmaj7)a khojaaun(A)ga

    Ek d(Bb)in tera (C)ho jaaung(Dm)a

    And note that strumming changes at a few places but you can worry about that later.

    So post the lyrics and chords you play at precise points and i will try to help you out.


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    raga2303 is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2009
    Dear - it will happen with you on many songs..see songs are divided into a coherent measure of beats.. Example of such measures are 4/4 (most common), 3/4, 2/4, 2/2.. generally when you talk about strumming pattern, it would cover the beats within one measure. for example , D-DUD-DU will last 4 beats when D is hit on each beat.
    With this background, now let us move to chords..
    During one measure, there could be one chord or more, depending upon the type of song. If one measure contain only chord, then you would be able to complete your strumming patter with one chord, however, if there is chord change within the measure itself, you will have to change the chord between the pattern.

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    May 2006
    read the message dear
    broken heart made my music more lovely n helped me win prizes




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