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    bhaskarach is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2008

    Help - 1st guitar day - Thnx in advance

    hi Frens

    This is my first day for Guitar learning. Can any one of you tell me about this Fret playing. I mean suppose I have to play "1" for second string; do i need to play the first and second string or just second string.

    Sorry In case I am not able to explain my question or it might seems silly to you but it would be great help from your side


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    ebhendra is offline Newbie
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    May 2005
    Hey, buddy, great to see you starting the guitar....

    See, first of all u shld have a thorough practice on the fret board.
    Start from the first string(from the down-thin one) and come till 6th string. You got to play it need to keep any fingers onthe fret board.Once u have enough practice, as u can play all the strings without seeing them, u start playing them with a timing. 1 string-1 second. After all that,Now play the first string on the first fret with ur first finger,and second fret with second finer and so on till 4 fingers-4 frets. repeat till 12 frets.and now come to second string, same procedure, 1st finger-1st fret of second string...
    Thats it...
    PS: i hope u know what is 1st fret and all....

    .......... A.R.

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    danjeev is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2007
    hi buddy i would request you to try with the chords like Em, Am, C, & D like this you will progress very rapidly. I took 6 months to play Zombie correctly try this song its easy and i'm sure you will love it. Take care buddy.

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    padfoot is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2007
    man, try it's an awesome website for all the newbies and the owner is really nice n friendly. he even answers to your mail personally and helps a lot. not to mention, an AWESOME guitarist he is!!!!
    have fun. enjoy.



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