Hello fellow guitar passion promoters..

i'm starting this survey to broaden our knowledge further
We always talk of playing on guitars .. but never on the kinda guitar we are using..
so , go on n tell all your preferences about the various guitars available in the market..
categories to be mentioned..
1. guitar make or brand
2. preference of electric or acoustic..etc.
3. strings' make ..
4. to use a plucktrum or not..
5. kinda of distortions or delays..
6. price comparasion or your purchase rate..
7. any kinda tips on maintainence or personel memorable experiences..jez anything informative..
please be realistic n "in the real world"

Help new guitarists to get the right thing for themselves...n the already good ones to upgrade themselves to new heights!!

Come On!

join the dictionary..

see ya there

strumming Bug..