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    Lightbulb FILM:Bazigar; SONG:Bazigar; TYPE:TABS

    Hi buddies,

    Hope everybody out there is all right.

    I just came to know about this website and I like the stuff here. Thanx to some really dedicated members who are keeping this forum alive. Good Job & keep it goin m8s.

    This is my first guitar tab script. Hope its not too bad, and plz do tell me if it needs some adjustments.

    So here it goes,
    ************************************************** *
    Tabbed by: Nabsha

    - Violin Intro not included
    - p = Either slide ur finger to the next note, or just pick the next note quickly.
    - (Ofcourse) This is how I play this song... you may not like multiple pickings of single note as I've done couple of times.

    e -----2-5-3-2-32-0--------------------
    A -0-4--------------------------------

    e -7-5-8-5-7-5---7-5-----5-------------2---------------------------0
    A -------------8-----8-7---8-7-5-8-7-3---5-1-3-1-0-0-0-1-1-3-3-4-4
    Mera dil tha akela tu ne khel aisa khela teri yaad main jagoon raat bahr.

    e -----2-5-3-2-32-0--------------------
    A -0-4------------------------------------

    Bazigar o'Bazigar
    (same for)tu hai bada jadogar.

    e -7-7-5---------------2-5p-3p-2p-3-3-
    A -------8-7-5-7-7-0-4-------------------
    chup ke ke ankhon ke raste woh mera dil main samaya,

    e 3-3-2-0---------------------------------
    A --------3-0-1-1-0-1-3-4p-3p-1p-0p--
    chahat ka jado jaga kar, mujh ko dewana banaya.

    e -7-7-7-8-7-10-10-7p-8------------10-8-7-7------------
    A ----------------------10-10-10-7---------------------
    pehli nazar main bani hai tu meray sapnoo ki rani,
    (same for)yaad rakhay gi ye duniya, apni wafa ki kahani.

    e -7-5-8-5-7-5---7-5-----5-------------2---------------------------0
    A -------------8-----8-7---8-7-5-8-7-3---5-1-3-1-0-0-0-1-1-3-3-4-4--
    teray pyar pe qurban mera dil meri jan, tujhe lag jaye meri umar.

    and likewise throughout... (as far as I remember)
    ************************************************** *
    Woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have Promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

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    Jan 2004
    thx alot. for nice tabbing
    thx once again for posting it cos rite now my mood was to play this song in guitar

    thx alot

    keep good work on



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