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    guitar_man is offline Banned
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    Jul 2006

    Question Feedback: How many learnt guitar playing from a teacher?

    I am new to this forum.I have noticed in the last few days that a lot of people are confused where to start learning guitar from?I was lucky to have a good teacher. So I'm always in favour of this that one should learn from a teacher.I learned many things myself afterwards (As I was busy in day to day routine and could not go to a teacher) but I can tell you from my experience that had I gone to a teacher for those things I could have learned them quickly and correctly.Sometimes you tend to understand the lessons/TABs differently when doing it without the help of a teacher.

    So lets hear what all have to say about this?How many of you went to a teacher and for how many months.Were you satisfied with the teacher if not then why?And how many have learned of their own and are they satisfied or have some regrets.

    The answers to this will help the beginners a lot.So your honest feedback is invited.

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    radicalz_adi's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    man i went two months to a teacher to learn what a guitar is(just two days a week)and then did from ralph denyer guitar book

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    Dec 2005
    No teacher (atleast) till now.
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    Jul 2005
    Pune (apart from people's hearts :P)
    Learnt from a teacher for the first 4 months .. I think it helps a lot provided the teacher is good .. because all your doubts are cleared instantly just by reaching him ..

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    Iraqita_EP's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    im learning from sonam sherpa.........well not him everyday....but frm his skool

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    Jun 2006
    I first took 2 months to learn the ropes (Or should I say strings? lol) from Mr. Deepak Castellino. Then, I took monthly (no, really!) class by him...for one month. Location problem...he taught at Alaknanda, and I live in Pataparganj (IP Extension) Now, I'm teaching myself ( and an old book by <I'll let you know>) with feedback and irregular classes from Mr Santosh Shrivastav, who is the guitar guru at National School Of Drama (NSD). So process is- I practice songs, and ask him for additional chords/techniques as they come by. He comes whenever he's free, and teaches me the required. Insubstantial, but flexible. He suggests me going to Delhi School Of Music (DSM) or Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA). I would say the same, too. (Face it, online tutorials are really bad at correcting your techniques, though a tad bit helpful at time and convenience)
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    Dec 2005
    sheikh zayed road ...
    still learning on my own
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    Apr 2005
    Salt Lake, Kolkata
    Learnt by myself for the first few months. Tried learning, rather. Then I felt the need for a teacher and have been taking classes since March 2005 from first a senior, then my classmate. I find it real helpful. Since my friend(teacher) and I have common musical interests, it helps a lot as he can guide me almost completely.
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    guitar_man is offline Banned
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    Jul 2006


    Thanks for the feedback.Please keep it coming.More responses will help us all.

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    dirt_nectar's Avatar
    dirt_nectar is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2005
    I learnt guitar on my own with the help of few friends......the question remains how much i can learn to play chords and stuff on your own ...but at one stage it feels like u r stuck and thats the time that u need a teacher.

    i am planning to join some classes or get a teacher now

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    anshphenomenon's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi
    i had one for abt a month initially..
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    May 2005
    opposite axeland :(
    had been goin to a teacher for 4-5 mnths ..i found it helpful. Now if at all i have some clarification to make ... people like ansh are online teachers
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    guitar_man is offline Banned
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    Jul 2006
    More inputs will be welcome.

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    xtremes19's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    still learning on my own...but sometimes feel may be a good teacher can help to quicken the learning

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    CrYpTiC_angel's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    alpha1's pants
    no teacher.

    but i definitely need one


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