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    Question Emptiness_By_Rohon_Rathore

    I need a song chord of 'Emptiness' By Rohon rothore , on Original scale. Plz Someone Help...

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    piano intro-(F)...(Am)...(A#)...(C)
    (F)Ho love of mine
    (Am)with a song and a wine
    (A#)you're harsh and divine
    like truths (C)and a lie
    (F)but the tale ends not here
    (Am)I've nothing to fear
    (A#)for my love is yell of giving and (C)hold on
    (F)and the bright emptiness
    (Am)in a room full of it
    (A#)is a cruel mistress
    Woh (C)ho...
    (F)I feel this unrest that nest (Am)all hollowness
    for I (A#)have nowhere to go in the(C)cold.. here I feel so (F)lonely (Am)yeah....
    (A#)there's a better place than this..(C)emptiness.. and i'm so (F)lonely (Am)yeah....
    (A#)there's a better place than this..(C)emptiness.. (F)yeeah..
    (F)Tune mere jaana, (Am)kabhi nahin jaana
    (A#)ishq mera, dard (C)mera -[2times]
    Aashiq (F)tera......(Am)
    (A#)bhid mein khoya (C)rehta hai
    jaane jaa(F)han.....(Am)
    (A#)poochho to itna (C)kehta hai
    that I feel so (F)lonely (Am)yeah....
    (A#)there's a better place than this..(C)emptiness
    and i'm so (F)lonely (Am) yeah....
    (A#)there's a better place than this..(C)emptiness...(F)
    for the piano intro pluck Strings D,G,B and again G-[2-2 times] on the chords F, Am,A# and on C pluck strings A,D,G,B, E(high)& E(high),B,G,D
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