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    coolvarun004 is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2005

    which electric guitar to buy???

    hi frns

    I am plannin to buy an electric guitar.i m planin to get it from US as my bro lives der.he wud get d guitar fr me n der wud b no airport duties i want u to gve me suggstns keepin in mind dt dey wud b bought frm US n keepin in mind d prices der in US are appx 20-25%cheaper in US dan in india..

    I am pretty confused whcih guitar to buy.I dont have a very good knowledge about electric guitars n their models.

    I am an acoustic guitar player ryt nw.i hvnt played electric guitrs mch yet..i like more acoustic n indian kinda music...i like to play more of soft,sweet n romantic songs...nt much of d typical rock and jazzing which commonly is related to electric guitars...
    but i also want my guitars to be multipurpose as i also suits rock,metal n jazz too..which i may do wen i learn more of guitars...

    the guitar i need fr to play shud hv following features: shud suit acoustic,sweet and soft kind of music. shud hav a confrtable palyable fretboard which is soft n easy fr d fingers
    3.a good,stylish n a different look.
    4.also well suitable fr rock,metal and jazz kind of music.

    the price range i can affrd is bout 'Rs 7000 to rs 14-15000'(or 150 to 300 or 350$)(US DOllars)

    So please suggest me which guitar to buy.Pls help me,i wud b very thankful to u if u hlp me choose an appropriate guitar fr me..

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    geetartha is offline Newbie
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    May 2007
    hello fren,
    gud 2 hear dat u r buying an electric guitar.For the budget u have referred to, i think you can go for Fender's Stratocaster Squier.It should cost you around 12k.there is another one for that Ibanez GRX's price should be around 10k.both these guitars pretty gud..Fender is an American if u feel if it's a better choice u can go 4 it.But Ibanez is also one of the leading guitars.

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    god_of_guitar's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    i think u posted this topic before also.. dont replost..
    i said a mexican strat would be perfect
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    New Delhi
    wrong forum dude........,mods.....


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    bashnaran is offline Newbie
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    May 2007
    hey man, its great to see that you want to buy an electric guitar. For the pric range you specified... I would recommend that you go for an Ibanez TCY-10. They are $200 USD and are simply marvelous. they are semi-hollow like the Squier (Fender) Stratocaster, but the Ibanez just is simple and trust me because I have both... HAHA... Yes so go for the Ibanez TCY-10. You can buy it at Musician's Friend or Gutiar Center or SamAsh... those are the most reliable stores i know...

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    killbrown is offline Newbie
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    May 2007
    dont listen to the other guys. a good fender strat is pretty expensive, even though its makes pretty amazing sounds. Get a "Squire" strat. it'll easily be within your price range, and makes great music. for a beginner in electric guitar, it's perfect.

    from ..




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