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    saz101 is offline Newbie
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    May 2013
    Hi prncbnrj,
    Since, you said in your post that this song is in C#m key. I want to point out that G note (8 fret,B string) is not a part of C#m key, but the song frequently uses it. Is this an unusual key or something? I was trying for the "Theme" part of the song on my guitar before coming across this post and noticed it.

    The song is using D#(4 fret,B string), E(5 fret,B string), F#(7 fret,B string), G(8 fret,B string), which cannot make up a major key. During the first part of the "Theme" the note distribution is:


    from which it seems like the song has a root note of F#(7 fret,B string). But then, when song moves on to :


    the D#(4 fret,B string) is a little unusual and changes the root note of the song to E(5 fret,B string) and makes up the song sound like in E major key (or C# minor key).
    So, is the song really based on E major scale (or C# minor scale) or some unusual scale?
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    [REQ: Lata Mangeshkar [Song Name] "Lag ja gale k phir haseen raat" [Movie Name] " wo kaun thi "

    sir please i need tabs ( on g scale (2nd to 5th fret)) for this song very urgently i can only rely on this website. plz reply fast

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    Jun 2013
    can you post tabs for this song please..... i.e., ek hasina thi karz


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