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    Vishalviks is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2005

    Doubts as a beginner

    Hi all,
    This is vishal. Just a beginnner to guitar.
    I have trouble playing chords, both fingering and even tune wise. I just started off with the C and the G chords.
    Can anybody post some very very simple songs in these chords and also post the midi file for it....
    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    [A]abhi abhi [A][D]

    How do we play a chord like this? Is it like A should be played for the whole of Ay saala and then D?? The strumming pattern was something like
    ^^V^^V^v^v...So how do we distribute this pattern across a line..Is it like this strumming pattern is for an enter line??

    Do clarify this...

    Hoping to post someday,
    Insanely sane Vishal

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    vishweb is offline VISH Rules...............
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    Jan 2006

    Smile Try this 'Chukar mere manko

    Hey Dude ,
    As u r beginner & started with C ,G , Go through the lessons of Guitars in this forum once !
    I think u can play this song very well
    Try this 'Chukar mere manko' Strumming pattern ^^V^^V^^V

    About ur 2'nd doubt , Listen the song carefully , u easily recognise where the music /chords changes ,

    While singing 'Aye saala' play [A] chord only ,after every line completion there is gap between each line ,there u play [D] chord !!

    OK , Try this !!!!!!!!
    If u done ,send me reply if not thn also !!!! Bye Have a nice day !!!
    To handle yourself, use your head,
    To handle others, use your heart.



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