Dodge automobiles emerged into becoming in 1914 and began up as the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. Later, this company was a subsidiary of the Chrysler Corporation and in 1998 it became a aspect of the Daimler Chrysler. Finally, in 2007 the Dodge was acquired with a personal company and is manufactured less than the tag of Chrysler Holding LLC.

Dodge is famous mainly for the trucks which come in helpful all the time. There has been a lot of models of Dodge released on the market place, which include the Dodge Caravan, the Dodge Caliber, the Dodge Dart, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Mini Ram Van, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Raider, Dodge Viper, Dodge Town Wagon and loads other folks, some of these models usually are not manufactured any further, some of these are nonetheless a great success. The latest Dodge models are the Viper SRT 10, the Ram and the Caliber.

The Dodge Viper or the SRT 10 continues to be launched in 1992 and this is a two sitting supercar with a FR structure. The Viper has came across a lot of variants and this has extra to its reputation, becoming provided in numerous video games, films, TV shows and music videos.

The Dodge Ram was first released in 1981 and was generated until 1998. Nonetheless, continuing the produce of this kind of full dimensions pick up trucks looked like a great idea for Daimler Chrysler, hence they required up the model once again. The Ram was referred to as truck of the season two times by the Motor Trend publication and this has additional to the prestige of this tough truck.

The upcoming plans for the Ram include a re-pondering of the design which happens to be predicted for 2009. The Dodge Caliber is actually a fresh model from the Dodge production facilities. It showed up in 2006 and was meant to substitute the Neon. The Caliber can be a small car and it has a four wheel drive with a 5 door hatchback physique fashion. The caliber has lots of variations including the SE, the SXT, the R/t and the SRT-4.

The impending models announced by Dodge are the Challenger, that is because of in 2008, and the Nitro and Avenger which should appear in 2007. The Nitro can be a 4 door portable Four Wheel Drive and it is also a 4 wheel drive. The Avenger is really an old model that has been manufactured between 1995 and 2000 and had been a middle measured car. From 2008, Dodge intends to re-discharge the Avenger as a 4 door sedan- these being the second generation Avengers. The Thirdly generation of Challengers is the latest Dodge announced. It will likely be a pony car with a vintage design.

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