I submitted a recording of Dil Haarey from Jal . Atif also did the same song and titled it Aankhon Se. The song is pretty nice on ears, uses easy chords but the main thing is to know when to shift the chords.

G -------------------------Cadd9
Ankhon se jab bhi ho teri aankhein juda

man se jab bhi ho tera man khafa

toh ji pukaare, pukaare tujhe

man ghabraye bulaaye tujhe

G-------------------- Cadd9
ke dil harey pukaare tujheee

mann ja re manaale mujhe

Sunn pyaare lagaale galey

Kho jaa re tu gaaley sang re.... Repeat the same as above in the next lines as well.

Make sure you shift the chords as i have shown with "---" as intervals. Have fun playing it and do listen to the Youtube version I did of the song. Here's the link

Dil Haarey(Ankhon Se) - Unplugged (Jal) - YouTube

Peace out.