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    Vague Conversations...

    Dear Vikas,

    You are right that Souman have wrote it wrong...that he is 100% correct about the TAB of Neele Neele Ambar...You're right.

    But how come you calculate that its 70/80% correct ??

    Are you some sort of Music Judge ??

    Have ever (and i mean ever !!) listened to the song ? If Yes then how come you give the tab like this...

    Neele neele ambar par (after the vocalist ends ambar, start the following tab till the line
    ends) (correction) ---played fast
    Chaand jab aaye (start the following tab at aaye) (correction)---played fast

    After Neele neele ambar par (after the vocalist ends ambar)...there's a Small,sweet but Breeze Guitaring...sounds like arpezzio..right ?! Then how come you play an arpezzio in a single string ?? Can you ever play an arpezzio in a single string with with different octaves ?? The music here was so quick that with your TAB it will need slides/Hammer/Pull-Off/Trills etc...then where is your TAB version for that ?? There is no slides,no hammer-on's,no pull-off's,no trills...its impossible to play in a single string that arpezzio without these.

    Look Pal...I dont know whether you are aware of this or not...that TAB notation is itself not full how can the notations be ??


    1) TAB notations dont have TIMINGS.
    2) TAB notations dont have BEAT VALUES.
    3) TAB notations dont carry the SCALE NAME.
    4) TAB notations dont have CHORDS over the notations.

    Out of these the point number 1 is most important. Many TABS that i have seen over here or in the net are non-playable without listening to the original song/instrumental. I also do admit TABS over the NET are also not fully correct as ,like everybody Iam also unable to provide the timings in the music/song. So TAB basically fullfills what ?? It fulfills the purpose for the players who wants to play a particular song or can play the song but needs some suggessions here& an easy way....both for the notation writer & for the reader too,as there is no alternative in NET to supply notations..other than TAB. So listen to the song and adjust as you like....Can Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton/David Gilmour/Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Ywiengi Malmsteen etc...can write a full 100 % correct TAB of their own compostions??..its not possible...but after you listen to the song/ can adjust with the TAB...the TIMINGS Iam talking about or some notes here & there....

    So Souman...IS WRONG that his TAB is 100% cant be...but you my friend could have adjust with it...& play the song...There was no need to go for an argue..a VAGUE argue......

    See.....DUE TO THESE VAGUE VALULESS ARGUE'S.....IGT IS LOOSING SOME have also said that..people will learn the WRONG from the TABS of Souman...well...TAB notation is itself full of i said.....

    I think i have made my point clear to all of you...if you can carry on playing with the TAB submitted both by Souman & mixing the note here & there...both have worked hard...APPRECIATION OUGHT TO BE GIVEN.....

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
    With Warm Regards,

    Arindam Ray.

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    hello Ari...

    Wow!, I thought this thread will never see any post anymore, but thanks buddy to add some fuel to the dead fire. You shud have replied when the heat was really on. What took you so much time ! (like almost 20 days). I have a feeling you have been provoked or forced to write this post.

    Having said that, Since you took so much effort to write this post, I think I am obligated to post a reply.

    I appreciate your lecture on tabs, but I sincerely hope that guys out here at IGT, specially beginners do not get disappointed that by your statement that tabs are a wrong way to present music.

    What’s wrong and what’s right is decided by how you define it, and for your knowledge let me put down definition of “tabs: or “Tablature” as defined in encyclopedia

    Tablature is a form of musical notation designed for musical instruments which gives the player instructions on where to put their fingers rather than which notes to play.

    So you are right, tabs have no timings etc, but then that is not the purpose of tabs. Tabs tell you what fret to play on what string. That is all.

    And my friend that is more than enough to play music. Of course to play any music in any form, you must listen to song EXCEPT when you have composed the song or you are really good in reading SHEET MUSIC. And if you are aware of sheet music, you will appreciate, how SIMPLIFIED are tabs to write and read.

    So buddy don’t say that tab notation is itself full of WRONG. It’s a form of writing music most helpful to beginners and many times to intermediates and even experts
    And honestly…if you are can really pen down all the notes correctly to write a tab.

    I am no judge of any body’s music. I just corrected Souman’s tabs. They were not wrong with respect to timing etc. They had wrong notes or missing notes. Hope you understand the difference between “wrong notes/missed notes” and “badly timed” notes. And I am not going to point out differences again. If you are interested I can do that, let me know.
    C'mon, have you ever (Really ever!!) heard the song and tried to play souman's tabs. I suggets you must.

    I never started any VAGUE ARGUMENTS, I only posted corrected tabs. But I guess my criticism was not appreciated.

    I am glad that you pointed out mistake in my tabs exactly where it is and nowhere else:

    Yes the correct tabs for that part are

    Neele neele ambar par (after the vocalist ends ambar, start the following tab till the line

    Chaand jab aaye (start the following tab at aaye) (correction)

    But I did not correct it cause another member “rajeshwary” already pointed them out in one of the posts.

    So if somebody leaves, its his/her personal decision. Its really shameful how selfish one can be. If someone really wants to help others and share, one wud not leave IGT just because somebody criticized your work. I mean c’mon how cheap can one get. Do you believe in only showing off and not willing to take criticism. That is just ridiculous.

    So lets move on, keep sharing and helping each other without bringing in personal grudges and finding excuses to leave IGT. Lot of good work is still going on and will go on.

    By the way! I think your post on neele neele ambar par was better than Souman’s. That was indeed good work. Why are you getting involved in this S***. You are a great guitarist buddy.

    Best Regards

    P.S. My formula of Percent correct, % correct tabs = (total notes – wrong/missed notes)/ Correct notes. He he, isn’t it funny.

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    rapidshare mp3 is missing. please upload again.

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    hey this was a real good help dude!!!! thankz a lot

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    Who's this guitar 'guru'?

    Oh... for god sake.. Can some one please shut this Vikas's mouth ??
    The way he talks really hurts people - moreover when we all know the corrections that he has posted are themselves incorrect.

    Vikas: One suggestion for you - u better follow his or Arindam's version from IGT and start practising that. Because, honestly, their versions sound much accurate and sweeter.

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    So you're back eh?

    Welcome back
    You can believe what you want, it doesn't mean you're right. a fact of life.

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    Hey vikas,, nearly accurate tabs!!


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    What pisses me off is arrogance and ego. I think its better to be non talented than being talented and egoistic. Don't want to name anybody here but I hope they get the message.

    This is such a beautiful song that it lightens up your mood whenever you listen to it and fighting over such a melody is such a sacrilege!!

    Tch Tch....

    Souman...Thank God you're not my guitar teacher (not for the skill but for the ego).
    If you got nothing to say, say nothing at all.

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    This portion is wrong in my opinion.

    Repeat the following two times: (correction)

    This can be replaced by ::


    I m on a lookout for the tabs when the violin plays just after the above given tabs, does anybody have that??
    Moreover, I do believe, that Vikas tabs are better than souman, for the initial lead, but not for the part when neele nelle ambar....part starts.

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    here are the correct chords
    Neele Neele Ambar Par(Golden Hits Rewind) Guitar Chords

    "I've been imitated so well that I've seen people copy my mistakes even on YouTube"- jimi h-n-d-r-x

    follow me on Twitter


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