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    hhahahahahaha...nice post jay...
    "so dyood, u were like dyood, and i was like dyoood!, and you were like dyooooooooooood"

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    i thought of a cool way to look at the 4# chords.. these r just sharp9 chords without the root and the fifth well the shapr 9 technically dont have the fifth.. so just remove the root from the sharp9 and u get my tritone 4# chords..

    for example try this chord prog Am7 E#9 D#9 Am .. would sound cool
    same effect as Am7 Ab4# Gb4# Am in fact playing Am7 Ab4#/E Gb4#/D adds so much punch too... neways i will shut up..

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    Jay - 4th interval chords are variations of 7ths - so you can substitute these in place of 7th.

    For example G7 can be substituted with F+B+E (notes in the chord)

    Try this

    Dm7- above chord - CM7


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