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Thread: chords of scale

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    Mar 2006

    chords of scale

    hi guys...

    i was under a tutor but left him due to some unavoidable reason..
    now i know that there are six chords in a scale now and know there various after finding scale i only try these 6 chords ....i have know idea of others along with them....
    please help ..
    any site where i can find exactly what i need.....

    please guide me boss.....

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    Saadman.. is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2008
    six chords in a scale? what the hell r u tokin abt??

    a chord is made from scales...not the other way around...

    as of where u can find the rite website.. try..

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    Mar 2006


    i meant when i try to find the chords in a song...

    i just know 6 chords sequense to do that....i dont know how additional or other chords of that scale will be used...for that i wanted info.




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