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    nikamma1112 is offline Guitarist
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    Juhu, Bombay

    Exclamation Chords: Pal (KK) - Along With Finger Positions et al

    Amazing song which was royally messed up by the Indian Idols.

    Alright, Pal probably has 100 different versions floating around on IGT. I skimmed through a few, put in my own improvisations and this is what I came up with - which is why it's not *entirely* my own work. I had most of the tabs out here as guidelines. It's not perfect but sounds decent ...

    I know I'm probably complicating the song needlessly. This is just the way I enjoy playing this particular song.

    E = xx6454, unless mentioned otherwise.
    A = 577655, unless mentioned otherwise.
    B = 799866, unless mentioned otherwise.
    C#m = x x 14 13 14 12.
    G#m = 11 11 13 13 12 11.
    F#m = 9 9 11 11 10 9


    Arpeggioed chords out here, you can try finger-picking if you are good at it!

    [E] Hum rahe ya na rahe [A] kal
    [A] Kal yaad aayenge yeh [B] pal
    [E] Pal, yeh hain pyaar ke [A] pal
    [A] Chal, aa mere sang [B] chal
    [C#m] Chal, soche kya [B]
    Chhoti si [A] hai zindagi [E]
    [C#m] Kal mil [B]jaaye to [A] hogi [B] khushnaseebi
    [E] Hum rahe ya [A] na rahe, yaad [B 224442] aayenge yeh [E 022100] pal

    Then the above repeats with strumming ...

    |Da Db DbUb DbUb Da Db| is the pattern I follow. DbUb is in just one beat - both of them.Mute both the single Dbs.

    Da=Down stroke thick strings, Db = Down stroke thin strings, Ua = Up stoke thick strings, Ub = Up stroke thin strings.

    [G#m] Shaam ka [A]aanchal [G#m] odhke
    [A] aayi
    [F#m] Dekho voh raat [B] suhaani
    [G#m] Aa likh de [A] hum [G#m] donon
    [A] milke
    [F#m] Apni yeh prem [B] kahaani [A] [G#m] [E 022100]
    [E] Hum rahe ya [A] na rahe, yaad [B 224442] aayenge yeh [E 022100] pal

    Then comes the beautiful solo, which has been perfectly tabbed by Subhro.

    And then the final lines ...

    Aane waali subah jaane Rang kya laaye deewaani Meri chaahat ko rakh lena Jaise koi nishaani Hum rahe ya na rahe, yaad aayenge yeh pal

    Suggestions/corrections/reps/replies welcome.

    - Raj.

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    Subhro's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    nice work nikamma.. reps 4 u ..

    but da shyam ka aachal part.. urs sound fine 2 me.. but chordminor gav 2 new chrds 4 tht.. hav u seen thm ?

    Sh[Emaj7]am ka [Amaj7]aanchal o[Emaj7]dhke a[Amaj7]ayi


    they sound okie too 2 me..which 1s shud be used ?

    also in ur
    [F#m] Dekho voh raat [B] suhaani
    .. can we insert a [A] in betwn [F#m] and [B] ??

    and thnx 4 da mention of da solo part
    Opinions are like a$$holes. Evrybdy has one.


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    jayswami's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    doesnt mukda have f#m?

    E F#m/C# (with open BE strings finger picking)
    A B (7 etc finger picking run)

    F#m/C# with open B and E string i think woukd resolve to F#m7 add 11
    anyways what ever it resolves to.. this is how u can strum it.. same pattern for finger picking.. use ears to figure out what he plays..

    A becomes A sus2 let B and E ring.. I kinda play it like
    A:577600 but he does 002200 i think

    try out the wierd F#m chord.. sounds cool

    also Emaj7 sounds too strong..

    Abm sounds better if u ask me.. in any case thats the part with ditortion power chord.s. which play Ab. AM7 sounds ok but is over kill again i guess.. but i may be wrong over there.. i use Abm instead of Emaj7

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    nikamma1112 is offline Guitarist
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    Jun 2004
    Juhu, Bombay
    Thanks Subhro and Jay for the suggestions.

    This is one song I mess around a lot with , keep making changes in the way I strum and finger-pick ... Thanks for the suggestions again. Am incorporating them ...

    - Raj.

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    sandyssn's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Wonderful post! Took a longer time to understand, integrate the correct procedure to play rather than taking time for playing! thanks and now it sounds perfect altogether!

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    nitish128 is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2012
    Please visit the link:-
    Pal Guitar Cover by Nitish and Raj - YouTube

    for complete song



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