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    Quote Originally Posted by numbfingers View Post
    @Keoraf......just tell one thing....when u say "a minor scale", can it have chords of a major scale? eg....can Am scale have a C chord?
    If your answer is YES, we were just arguing semantics....and both are saying the same thing but if your answer is No, then...............
    I will give answers to the questions in your previous post, but 1st I need to know what u think of this.
    You are now mixing up two very different issues. The major-, minor scale and the major-, minor chord. I guess i don't have to tell you there is a difference between a scale and a chord.
    Back to your question, of course a minor scale song can have major chords and vice versa and even in your example, a Am scale surely can have the C chord ! But this has nothing to do, at least not much, with the fact that a song is in a minor or major scale! The chord progression in a Am song will be different in comparison with a C major song, although both songs can have the same chords, just because the Am is the relative minor of the C major, so both scales have the same chords: C, Dm, Em, F, Am, G and Bdim, but it isn't necessarily that all the chords are being used, sometimes there are other chords from other scales used, because the song is going "out of scale", but thats another discussion! So what is it that makes a song major or minor? That discussion we already had in the other thread, isn't it? I still think its a matter of listening!
    The most easiest song (i think we can call it "a song") is DoReMi or SaReGa. Just play the C major scale and the A minor scale. You will hear a different melody, although the same notes are being played but in a different sequence. So thats the kind of difference you will hear in every song, its just a matter of recognizing the difference and placing it in the major or minor scale! This is my opinion about this issue!!!

    Btw, i don't think we are arguing semantics, cause if you are confusing between a minor and a major scale, for me thats a very big deal, you can't say a Gm song is in the Bb scale, that's very wrong. And also, please don't think i am trying to embarrass you or offending you or something like that, certainly not, at least it isn't my intention to do that!

    Sur Maata Hoti Hai
    Aur Taal Pita
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    Wo Anaat Hai


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    i take it your answer to my question was an yes....hence the altercation is resolved!!

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    Mr. numbfingers the original track is in the key of F#m so I believe you are also wrong!


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