hi guys, (even if that guy has to be a girl)
i have been working on a few songs recently and i have got the chords,

the chords for ek din(naquaab) are Dminor,A#major and Cmajor and Amajor is .optional i sincerely believe that these are right and if there is a fault please tell me.

the chords of aa bhi jao(awarapan) are Eminor,Dmajor,Cmajor and Aminor is optional and ya need not use it only just try and tell me never used it much myself. If you have an acoustic guitar try power chords, E5,D5,C5.

the chords of tera mera rishta(awarapan) are the same as that of aa bhi jao
and power chords (on acoustic guitars,reccomended by me) are also the same.

guess i don't have the energy to type any more i will post the chords of the remaining songs the next time; till then ennnnjoy.
this is benz signing off till then.