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    hey chill..
    u can hav my avatar.. no prbs.. was kiddin..
    nywayz ur new 1 is nice too.. but i think ronnieanand has da same 1 too
    whtevr.. welcome 2 igt njoy ur stay out here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somendra_guitar
    superb work,go on doing like it,i hope you could provide a link from where on the net can one can get chords for hindi songs,also please tell if u hav any lead tabs
    Hey somendra I got a hidden website for you Click Here. Get Anything and everything you would want from this website ! :-)

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    can ne1 post the strumming patterns for these songs...if possible...

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    Hi Ganja bhai,
    why dont you post one song per thread.... managing so many songs in one thread is tough...
    Also some of the songs dont have right chords like (O mere dil ke chain - missing C chord)...
    If you have one song per thread then folks who are interested in particular song will play the chords and then comment on the chords...

    I dont know what others think but this suggestion...

    Good Work though..
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    het thanx for the comment bro............
    TanpurA 2 Rock'N'Roll.......AnY KinD oF MusiC RockZ...

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    Quick reply -
    Good effort !
    But a lot of songs need a lot of corrections
    Would have tried correcting them, if they were all different threads
    For some songs like Jaanejaan, I have already posted the right chords.

    But most of the initial stuff like Chalte Chalte, Yeh Mera Dil, O Mere Dil Ke Chain etc need corrections. Either they have some chords or in them, or they are in a different scale.

    If you require any help on the chords please let me know

    All Strings Attached...

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    thanks for your openion buddy
    i'll definitely let u know.... if i need....
    TanpurA 2 Rock'N'Roll.......AnY KinD oF MusiC RockZ...

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    I don't think it gets any sweeter than this. Chalte Chalte chords were beautifully correct. Many thanks to gajabhai..

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    good job man .....old is gold

    Quote Originally Posted by ganjabhai
    kabhi alvida na kehna

    F#m------------------------------- A------
    chalate chalate, mere ye giit yaad rakhanaa

    F#m -------------------------E---
    kabhii alavidaa naa kahanaa

    ---------D--------- E ---------F#m---
    kabhii alavidaa naa kahanaa

    F# ------B--- F#------------ B
    rote haste, bas yuuhii tum

    gunagunaate rahanaa

    kabhii alavidaa ...

    F#m------------------------------------------ Bm---
    pyaar karate karate, ham tum kahii.n kho jaaenge

    E ----------------------F#m ----
    inhii bahaaro.n ke, aanchal mein thak ke so jaaenge

    A ------------------Bm---------E ------------------F#m
    sapano ko phir bhii, tum yuunhii sajaate rahanaa

    kabhii alavidaa ...

    F#m--------------------------------------------------- Bm-----
    biich raah mein dilavar, bichhad jaaen kahiin hum agar

    E -----------------------------------------------F#m
    aur suunii sii lage tumhein, jiivan kii ye dagar

    A--------------- Bm-------- E ----------------------F#m
    ham laut aaenge, tum yuuNhii bulaate rahanaa

    kabhii alavidaa naa kehena..........

    end to fade...........
    you did a great job man...

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    Can u plzzzzzz change it into piano notes in numbers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......i am a beginner.....

    appericiate it


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    I appreciate your efforts... dont go with d comments made by d moral policemen... ahh guitarist i should say.... carry on d work bro... atleast newbiees are getting d chords.. isnt this helping d common junta.... ???

    Thnx for ur posts... looking for more...


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