Hi Guys,
Just saw the avenger ad on tv and had to lay it down.

So here it is. btw i got a bit carried away and recorded a remix , link is below. the improvisation is very crude, was just fiddling on it.

The main Riff (~ = Slide to )

D5(~C5) | A5 C5(~D5) D5 | A5 C5(~D5) Bb5(~A5)

A5 Bb5 C5 C5 C5 F5 F5

my apologies but i am not too good at tabbing and this is quite simple riff . just listen to the original and there aint much to it

The backing rhythm (not in orignal of course i created as)

Dm \ Bb \ C \ Am , Dm\

and the solo is just some improvisation in Dm.

Hope you find it appealing.

The Audio file