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Thread: Ameteur songs?

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    Ameteur songs?

    Hi guys im Aishu and im new here and very bad at guitar at the moment.
    I was wondering if anyone could post some tabs/chords that are good for a beginner like me that might even improve my guitar skils (at present i dont have any).
    I love practically all types bollywood music and hopefully want to be able to play something beside the few songs im okay at.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Papa Kehtain Hain Bada Naam Karega
    Chords are

    C Am F G
    Papa kahte hai bada naam karegaa

    C Am F G
    beta hamara aisa kaam karegaa

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane

    F G
    ki meri manzil he kahaa...

    papa kahte hai.......

    Baithe hai mil ke

    .. Am
    Sab yaar apne

    sabke dilo main

    armaan yeh hai..

    C Am
    woh zindagi main, kal kyaa banegaa

    F G
    har ik nazar ka, sapnaa yeh hai..

    C Am F G
    koi engineer ka kaam karegaa..

    C Am F G
    business main koi apnaa naam karegaa..

    C Am
    magar yeh to, koi na jaane........

    papa .....

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    Feb 2009

    Thumbs up thanks soo much

    thanks you so much. They are really good chords and I can play them properly which is a huge bonus! I love the song as well so that was good.
    Thanks again,

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    May 2009
    Thanks a Lot
    these chords r really good.



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