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    whats the scale?

    at times in some posting b4 u post the chords u guys talk abt some scales like D C or G what that abt
    can anyone plzzz enlighten me

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    Scales are basically a group of notes put together in an intervallic fashion so as to create a particular mood...or in simpler words a scale is simply a group of notes which sound good together and can be used to make solos
    You can also have chord scales which are basically a group of chords which sound good together.
    For Eg.:
    a C major scale consists of the following notes:
    C D E F G A B.
    Thus if u wanna play a solo in the key of C major u can use the C major scale with the above notes.
    Now how do u create a major scale?
    We gotta formula for that:
    half intervals-(eg C to C# or F#toG or EtoF)
    full intervals =2 half intervals

    Similarly there is a method to derive chord scales:
    So if u wanna make a riff outta a Cmajor scale u can use any of the above chords and make a riff.
    Eg. C-Am-F-G..something like that
    I hope that clears it up a little (dont forget to add a rep )
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    for some discussion on scales:

    REQ: scales
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    at dennis n anath thnx
    @denis (u got good rep)



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