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    Jan 2004

    Tuning String B...Ouch My Finger Hurts

    first things first....hi everyone im in the on this forum a lot lately....dont make any posts but i enjoy reading the tips and the tabs...its a great website...keep up the good work everyone its about time i made a post

    i just bought an electric tuner....and i had tuned all of the strings until i got to string B ( the 5th one down.....second lightest).......and i made it tighter....and played it...and the tuner said it was A....and i needed to make it im like fine...whatevr it says....and i made it tighter....and that was freaky....and like cut my finger...not bleeding or anything....but man that was scary...

    so i put the new string in....and made it tight again....and its not as tight....but still says A....there is NO FRICKIN way i can make it tight again....not after what just happened

    is something wrong....i dunno whats up with that....there aint anyway i can make it tighter....its gonna break again

    anyone plz have any advice?

    i could try tuning it by usein the 4th fret still seems that i have to make it a lot tighter....and im afraid it might break again...

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    Lightbulb Tuning B


    Well liq the first thing is make sure you're using the right string. They wouldn't make variously weighted strings if any string could be used anywhere. Make sure you haven't put in a G string where you need a B.

    Next when you tie up the string at the headstock make sure you don't put it in the rotor so deep that there's hardly space for the string to expand. Turn it around a few times first. (hope you're using an acoustic?)

    Next confirm your tuner for disturbance (happens). Try comparing your B note to a keyboard or something (or use some damn MIDI program on your PC).

    If nothing happens, well, keep tightening.

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    Liquid is offline Tabber
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    Jan 2004
    ok thanks man...but i got it working

    just put the new string in...and it just sorta worked....

    i dunno really....but thanks anyway



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