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    mansu is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2009

    Tuning String B...Ouch My Finger Hurts -.

    first things first....hi everyone im in the on this forum a lot lately....dont make any posts but i enjoy reading the tips and the tabs...its a great website...keep up the good work everyone its about time i made a post

    i just bought an electric tuner....and i had tuned all of the strings until i got to string B ( the 5th one down.....second lightest).......and i made it tighter....and played it...and the tuner said it was A....and i needed to make it im like fine...whatevr it says....and i made it tighter....and that was freaky....and like cut my finger...not bleeding or anything....but man that was scary...

    so i put the new string in....and made it tight again....and its not as tight....but still says A....there is NO FRICKIN way i can make it tight again....not after what just happened

    is something wrong....i dunno whats up with that....there aint anyway i can make it tighter....its gonna break again

    anyone plz have any advice?

    i could try tuning it by usein the 4th fret still seems that i have to make it a lot tighter....and im afraid it might break again...

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    nripen is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2006
    best way to tune guitar is to use the 4th fret thing ... hold G string on 4th fret and keep tuning until B open and G4th sound equal.

    lol such a old thread just noticed.....



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