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Thread: power chords??

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    Sep 2005
    my chair

    power chords??

    can someone tell me abt them??

    i think they r used for when having the distortion effect???

    i just got my electric

    can play the without distortion things well but when i try to play distortion i suck

    someone plzzzzzzzzz advice me

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    Sep 2005
    my chair
    n also some details abt shredding??!!!

    ie my quest r

    1. what r power chords + some examples n so on(i have a basic knowledge but would like to know more)

    2.what is shredding

    thanks in advance

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    Apr 2005
    not sure... i think power chords are chords with the 3rd missing
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    search the forum, its ther
    please search b4 u create threads
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