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    position helping on guitar


    i can play piano pretty well but i'm not so good at guitar.

    i'm tryin to learn the guitar theory but there's a lotta stuff and i'm kind of a lazy guy. i was wondering if you guys could show me a little bit about positions and intervals and stuff. like a D chord i know is xx0232. but since i know piano you can play a d major chord many different ways. since the notes are d, f#, and a. you can play f#,d,a or d,a,f# or f#,a,d, or even other combos or even yet on other octaves. so on a guitar... all these positions and different places what are there equivalents on piano? and what's the best approach for me to learn notes on the guitar and theory and stuff?
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    google for a chord chart.
    since u know how to play piano, and the guitar strings are EADGBE, it should be fairly straightforward for u.. use the chord chart as a guide, and once u see the chord positions in the chart, you should be able to understand why the finger positions are that way. playing chords in guitar are very different from the piano, the voicings to. The harmonic overtones of a guitar are much different than the piano, the open notes especially sound very different.

    Happy googling.




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