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    Pentatonic scale help needed!

    plzz can any1 tell me abt da pentatonic scale nd how to play confused
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    hobs crk
    Read the first post in the thread, for a start.

    The first post only, since it gives you the shapes.

    Pentatonic Scale with example

    I'll give you an indepth lesson if you want one but it will have to wait a day or so....I'm a bit busy now.

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    the basic pattern of a minor pentatonic is this...

    for example the A minor pentatonic


    notice that as u start playing this...u are playing the notes... A C D E G A C D E G A C

    so the A minor pentatonic scale is 5 notes ( from the name penta means 5)

    A C D E G A

    now....c for urself the intervals between the notes.... the intervals are... one and a half step from A - C then one step from C - D then again one step from D - E, then one and a half step from E - G , then again one step from G - A .... (in my terms, i call this a formula for a scale (minor pentatonic formula in this case..)) now u can apply the formula to any note like B C D E F G.... u'll get its minor pentatonic scale... for example :

    for a B minor pentatonic scale...apply the formula : 11/2 , 1 , 1, 11/2, 1

    (in the formula...tht is not 11 divided by two...tht is one n a half)

    so for B....add one a half steps .... u get D...then add one step to D, u get E, then add one step to E, u get F#... . then add one and a half step to F#, u get A ..then add one step to A u go back to be... so the B minor pentatonic scale is:

    B D E F# A B.. .... this can be played using the basic pattern starting from the 7th fret...


    hope u understand the minor pentatonic scales now...

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    abu dhabi
    thx guysssssssss
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