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    meanings of the signs

    Tablature Legend
    h - hammer-on
    p - pull-off
    b - bend
    pb - pre-bend
    r - bend release (if no number after the r, then release immediately)
    /\ - slide into or out of (from/to "nowhere")
    s - legato slide
    S - shift slide
    - natural harmonic
    [n] - artificial harmonic
    n(n) - tapped harmonic
    ~ - vibrato
    tr - trill
    T - tap
    TP - trem. picking
    PM - palm muting
    \n/ - tremolo bar dip; n = amount to dip
    \n - tremolo bar down
    n/ - tremolo bar up
    /n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip
    = - hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls
    <> - volume swell (louder/softer)
    x - on rhythm slash represents muted slash
    o - on rhythm slash represents single note slash

    Misc Legend
    | - bar
    || - double bar
    ||o - repeat start
    o|| - repeat end
    *| - double bar (ending)
    : - bar (freetime)
    $ - Segno
    & - Coda

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    cool muz!!
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:

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    nice. gr8 work

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    ^^Good post Muz But in the wrong forum, should be in Guitar tablature discussion, thread will be moved.
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    Hey thats cool stuff......



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