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    Exclamation Hi dear friends.. Do you think this is a big problem and drawback for me?

    Hey all.. As u people knew me already very well here i'm introducin me to some new igtians, i'm allen, m playin guitar for last 5yrs n since i started playin i'm much comfortable with notations as i learnt western classical, i'm performing in stages, recordings etc, whenever it comes for tabs i'm just avoiding it maximum cos i'm not that much comfortable to TABS, is this a big drawback or problem for me? Let me know how if it is.. Thanks friends..
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    Allen Sebastian

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    its ok unless u'r familiar with staff notation.....

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    according to me, nothing can beat the relevance of staff notation.and tabs i guess are only fine for beginners who are eager to try out a song, piece whatever.
    and i assume you are pretty experienced (at least much more than me) so there is no points in paying much attention to can of course figure out anything by the humble ear.
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