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    pearlmaharajan is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jun 2008

    Cool info: Bought a new guitar :-)

    I bought a new YAMAHA JR1 guitar from US... through my friend...

    the wood is so nice to smell, sound is really great for a small sized guitar like that

    easy to carry and very very light like air... :-)

    bought it for 140$ with bag....

    lesson learnt : When u want to buy a guitar... u go and select the guitar... NEVER SEND UR FRIEND for it... and that if he is not knowledged in it... I got no problems with this guitar... this is a 3/4 guitar so that suits the kids well and since, my fingers are so small and thin I can use this no problem...

    my intension was a Jhonson Trailblazer series travel guitar or AMIGO AMT10 or the Washburn Rover or Apple creeks travel guitar... to take to my guitar class as my jumbo ones are simply jumbo enough...

    unfortunately all the links I sent him was not available... so he had to pick this up without waiting for my permission... :-(

    so... if ANYBODY INTERESTED in bying this one let me know... I am not using this forum to sell... but just to make right material to right people... :-)

    Anyway I will buy any of the above said travel guitar within this year... :-)


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    Aug 2012
    Congrats Sir...

    Sad that you won't be keeping this guitar...
    Even more sad coz i don't have a job right now, so can't buy it myself

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    SATHYA167 is offline IGTIAN
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    Nov 2008
    Gurgaon, Haryana (Near Delhi - NCR)
    Congrats. Happy playing. Thanks for sharing the information.....

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    pearlmaharajan is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jun 2008
    yesterday till 12 midnight I played... for a smaller size its producing great soundman... so there is a big diff between our local or chinese woods and theirs.. whereever the YAMAHA people got the woods... :-)

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    vs.suresh's Avatar
    vs.suresh is offline Composer
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    Mar 2010
    Chennai, India
    I would like to buy your guitar. Please share your number and quote your price.

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    Super-Admin's Avatar
    Super-Admin is offline Will soon change from 'Super-Admin' to 'Admin'
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    Aug 2003
    ** Moved to Buy and Sell Section **

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    Jul 2011
    Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir
    Quote Originally Posted by Super-Admin View Post
    ** Moved to Buy and Sell Section **
    He wanted to tell everyone about his new guitar, not sell it.
    Green Skreamer Video Demo:-
    New Sound:-
    Basic Instrumental:-
    Youtube Channel:-

    Guitars:- Cort KX5 Fr, Java EG-11, Givson G-215
    Amplifier:- Laney LX12
    Effects:- Boss Metal Zone, Digitech RP355, Zoom G1XN(for sale), Green Skreamer

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    pearlmaharajan is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jun 2008
    ready to sell if some1 like to buy it as... im plainning for still smaller one for travelling... like the trailblazer series or Amigo AMT10
    Thanks, Pearl...

    trying to become a Guitartist



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