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    Nov 2011

    Post Home Studio DAW setup for SALE - MUMBAI


    I have to jump town. For sale are the following (together or in parts).
    Indicated prices are for individual purchases.Can discount for the whole package bought together. Can give the installed softwares on this machine gratis (Live 8, Cubase 5, NI Komplete)

    1. M-Audio 2496 interface card (analog only) - INR5000

    2. 19" Viewsonic monitor VA1928wm (16:10, VGA + DVI + Audio In) - INR4000

    3. Circle CPU (rustfree & used in smokefree environment) - INR13000
    a. Intel E8400 processor
    b. Intel original DG33TL MOBO (supports 2 monitors, 5.1 analog, optical Out, 1 firewire port, 8 USB ports)
    c. 4GB DDR RAM
    d. DVD R/W optical drive
    e. 160 GB WD HD
    f. 3 cooling fans

    4. iBall wireless Duo (Mouse + Keyboard) INR1000

    This is a great home studio setup for performers/bands. I'm pricing at almost half of the market prices. Serious buyers only. SMS if I dont take your call
    Thanks for looking


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    jd_x is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2011
    The M-Audio 2496 card is not analog only. The SPDIF and MIDI breakout are also included.



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