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    FS: Laney GS412IS cab, EHX Memory Boy & SEM pedals, Tungsol RI 12AX7, DIgitech DF7


    This is my first post here & my reason to sign up on here as well. I was going to list these on but since I'm new on there as well, I get charged seller fees, so I decided if anyone here is interested without me having to resort to higher sale price on ebay.
    These items are all located in South Goa & will be shipped from this location. (except for the cabinet)

    Anyways moving on, up for sale are the following:

    A) 1xLaney GS412IS Cabinet - Rs.21,200/- (No nationwide shipping, buyer picks up the item himself)
    It's in very good condition, not used outside of home, been moved from one room to another so the wheels show a sign of wear but nothing significant or damaging. The grill cloth & the tolex are in new condition. The only reason this piece is for sale is because I need to get me a 2x12 cab(GS212IE), since this 412 cab weighs at 38Kg & is practically very tedious to move on regular basis from a second floor of a apartment with no elevator & obnoxious steps. I do not gig, but when I do start to I would prefer not having to move this thing regularly, besides I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday when bringing a cooking upstairs and nearly dislocated my wrist. So the scare of injury has kicked in my mind & soul, this thing is too heavy for me & I need to let go of it.
    I had paid Rs.26,500/- for it new in 2010 still have the receipt if anyone requires to confirm, so I'm selling for about 20% less which I guess is about right considering the almost new condition of the unit.

    B) 1xElectroharmonix Memory Boy - Rs.9,000/- (Free shipping across India)
    C) 1xElectroharmonix Stereo Electric Mistress - Rs. 8,000/- (Free shipping across India)
    These two are up for sale because I have recently acquired a Boss GT10 & use that as a standalone unit for effects, so I have no need for these anymore. I haven't used these much either, they were purchased together in Jan 2011, still have the receipt for those as well. Selling these for about 23% less than what I paid for them as well.

    D) 1xDigitech DF7 - Rs.6,000/- (Free shipping across India)
    I got this one used for the same price three months ago, as above the GT10 has taken it's place. Out of the 7 distortion models I found only 4 that sounded really good viz. TS9, DS1, Rat & Big Muff.. Anyways that's about it for this one.

    E) 2xTungsol RI 12AX7 - Rs.1,200/- each (Free shipping across India)
    I have these for sale because I found I liked Mullard RI 12AX7 sound a lot better in my amp. The Tungsols were a bit too bright for my tastes. These haven't been used at all since I have a total three of these. Ones I'm selling never made it into my amp because JJ & Mullard RI took their place. You may like these in the Clean channel of your amp as I think that's the place they would shine the most.

    F) 2x TAD Standard ECC83 - Rs.1,200/- each (Free Shipping across India)
    Same deal as above, except these are preferred in the Gain stages of the preamp & slightly used.

    So that's about it I suppose. For those that are residing in Goa, you are welcomed to come by & try these out in person before buying. As mentioned above the cabinet is for sale only locally & won't be shipped by me, you will need to arrange a pickup or a car to take it away. I prefer Net Banking as a mode of payment, cash on purchase is not my preferred method but I guess it will do as well.

    If interested in any of these then leave a message or PM me.

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    No way to edit the Original post it would seem, can't delete the thread either.

    Update: Sold most of the stuff locally, SEM & Cabinet remaining. Any one interested, leave a message.



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