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    Anu sharma is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2013

    Cool BOSS ME-25 FX-Pedal is up for sale @ 9k!!!

    I want to sell my BOSS ME-25 Processor. Its in a 100% Mint condition... Loaded with some amazing tones and patches. Its One & Half year old. My Quote is 9k (slightly negotiable). If interested contact me at 9871790600.

    For more details and tone examples... follow the below link:

    BOSS U.S. - ME-25: Guitar Multiple Effects

    This Pedal is a Tank... built with super solid metal!!! Loaded with some amazing 60 preset patches plus 60 sound library patches. this has almost all the tones you required ranging from metal to jazz... rock to sufi!!!
    It can be connected to PC via USB cable (HP printer USB Cable) which helps in recording directly and download the tones from computer.
    all the required softwares are available on BOSS site

    Over all package
    Processor+Manual+Patch List+cover box at 9k (slightly Negotiable).

    You can also contact me through mail i.e.
    can call me at 9871790600

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    arx is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2013
    Is the ME-25 still available?



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