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    Thumbs up Almost *New* Washburn Oscar Schmidt OB50, Marshall Amp CD15 Kit

    Washburn Oscar Schmidt OB50, Marshall Solid state Amp CD15, Gig Bag, Guitar Strip & ofcourse plectrum: complete kit sale at damn cheap price.

    Condition : Clean and Almost New as a virgin Honeypot!

    ☜☆☞ \\A complete kit to launch the music inside you//☜☆☞

    A word from my side:
    After buying the entire kit, I had hardly used them 3-4 times and the condition is super mint! An absolutely take away deal. If you love music and have the cult inside you then this bass guitar kit can bring the right spark in. Check the photos & browse through the descriptions. The Ad has been posted through many websites. IF interested, contact ASAP. ヅ

    Washburn Oscar Schmidt OB50
    A classic and versatile bass at an affordable price. The OB50 is the perfect entry level bass yet will work well in any performance situation.
    • Affordable and uniquely styled
    • Professional Appearance
    • Solid wood body
    • Maple neck
    • Rosewood fingerboard
    • Split pickup configuration
    • Tonal flexibility
    • Chrome die cast tuners
    • Color: Black

    ♫ ✯Marshall 15CD Amplifier✯ ♫
    "Put in a single sentence, Marshall doesn’t know how to disappoint.

    The MG15CD is a splendid solid state amp for practice and miking. Whether you want to use this amp with a pedalboard, your favorite effect processors, or straight in, this little beast will serve you right up. It has the ability to sound pretty tame with the clean channel under moderate settings and unleash some serious firepower with the onboard OD switch. Keep the gain down low, and you have a pretty amazing tone for blues riffs,chordal work, chicken picking or arpeggiating with open strings, but as soon as you crank up the knotch, it starts to light up the room.

    This amp also features an external input for practicing with your mp3 player or any other device, and the same can be used as an optional emulated line out with surprising retention of the original tone as heard from the speaker.

    This amp is suited for a wide range of sounds ranging from the quietest of blues to the raging genres of hard rock and metal. Although it is nowhere near the intense majesty of the more expensive boutique style tube amplifiers, It gives a pretty loud bang for the buck, and can definitely wake the neighbors."
    -Excerpt from ������ �������� ���������� website review on Marshall 15CD AMP.

    The package also involves:
    のGood Quality Solid Guitar Strap (from Planet Waves) ๑

    ✤Soft Gig Bag provided with multi-utility pockets.✤

    All this can be yours only at Rs.10,000/- only!
    PLUG & PLAY & keep rocking!

    Well, I reside in Ahmedabad. I just wanted to remind you that if you are from Gujarat, then local buyer pickup would be the most convenient option for both of us. I am not pretty convinced with the Courier/Cargo Service with handling of guitars. Still if you insist that the guitar and rest of the kit should be sent outer state, then we can talk about it.

    Feel Free to talk up or drop in sms & if you are from Ahmedabad or inside Gujarat you can come and check the guitar & amp.

    (●‿●) My Contact Details (●‿●)

    ☞My Facebook ID:
    ☎My Contact Number: 0 9924 82 7710 (Primary) / 0 9586 55 7300
    ۩ City: Ahmedabad, GUJARAT


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    Whats about selling amp.



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