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    This is from an actual trial in the UK:

    A young woman who was
    several months pregnant was
    sitting in a bus. When she noticed
    a young man smiling at her, she
    began feeling humiliated on
    account of her condition. She
    changed her seat and he seemed
    more amused. She moved again
    and then on seeing him laughing
    more, she filed a court case on

    In the court the man's defense
    When the lady boarded the bus I
    couldn't help noticing she was
    pregnant. She sat under an
    advertisement, which read
    'Coming Soon - The unknown
    boon'..I was even more amused
    when she then sat under a
    shaving cream advertisement,
    which read: 'William's stick did
    the trick'..Then I could not control
    myself any longer, when on the
    third move she sat under an
    advertisement, which read:
    'Dunlop Rubber would have
    prevented this accident'..

    The case was dismissed.
    The judge fell off his chair
    i am strong on the surface... not all the way through..
    i've never been perfect but neither have you...
    so if you're asking me i want you to know..
    when my time comes..forget the wrong that i've done , help me leave behind some..reasons to be missed..

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    Oppss....... It was the matter to laugh...LOLZ..hehehe....
    Too good..




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