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    A funny incident..

    I dunno how funny others will find this, but it certainly made me laugh.. This incident happened when we first arrived at Colombo a week ago...

    Me and my friend were chatting when a guy came in and asked him,
    "I want to... bulb"
    (They use really poor english, believe me. His old bulb got fused and he needed a new one.)
    My friend couldn't comprehend. Innocently he asked,
    "You want to...?"

    And for a moment both of them were just looking at each other, unable to think what to do or say. The suddenness and innocence... I couldn't resist and burst out few a moments later.
    I've hung around and I've taken my time,
    I've beat the dust and kissed the grime;
    Stand I shall, not for you though,
    Its just me now, wherever I may go.

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    haha guess we had to be there
    You can believe what you want, it doesn't mean you're right. a fact of life.



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