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    guitar_vj is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2004

    REQ: Telugu Song from movie Vasu

    Can anybody post the tabs/chords of teh song "padana tiyyaga kammani oka pata" from the movie Vasu.
    thanks in advance

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    suresh_007 is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2006
    check out this blog guys... the blog is only for telugu guitar tabs

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    bonson is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2006
    Song: Paadanaa Theeyaga.
    Film: Vaasu.
    Chords by: Bonson.

    G G D7 Em (x 2)

    G G D7 Em
    Paadana theeyaga kammani okka pata
    G G D7 Em
    Patagaa bathakanaa mee andharinota
    Em C D
    Aaradhanee amrutha varsham anukunna
    Em C D
    Aavedhanee haalahalamai paduthunna
    D7 G D7 G
    Naaganam aagadhulee…. Naaganamaagadhule

    G D
    Gundello premake……
    G G
    Gundello premake… Gudi katte velalo…
    Em Em
    Thanuvantha pulakinthe Vayasantha Giliginthe
    C D C
    Preminche prathimanishi idhi pondhe anuboothe
    Em C
    Anuragaala saaram Jeevithamanukunute
    Em C
    Anubhandhala theeram aanandhalunte
    D7 G
    Prathi manasulo kalige bavam premele…(x 2)

    G D
    Aaksham anchulo ….
    G G
    Aaksham anchulo aaavaesham cherithe
    Em Em
    Abhimanam kaligenule… apurupamayyenule…..
    C D C
    Kalanaina nijamaina… kanu yedhute vunnavee……
    Em C
    Kanuvaku chandhrudu dhooram ooooh nestham…
    Em C
    Kurise vennela vese aaah bandham
    D7 G
    Ee Vijayam venuka vunnadhi neeveleeee...(x 2)

    Please try and let me know if they r correct...

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    care2load is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2005
    On a beautiful planet once called EARTH
    am unable to get the strumming pattern

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    rohan hunk is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2010
    y cant u give it clearly

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    ko_arjun is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2008

    Padana teeyaga chords

    F---------------F-------------------------------------- F
    Nee gnapakale nanne tarimene, nee kosam nene patai migilane

    Cheliya, Cheliya, Oooo Cheliyaaaa

    (or you can simply use C and F alternatively if you think there are too many chord changes)

    padana teeyaga, kammani oka pata

    pataga palakana mee andari nota

    Aradhane, amrutha varsham anukunna

    Aa vedane halahalamai padutunna

    Na ganam agadu le, ika, na gana agadu le

    Gundello premake, gudigatte velalo, tanuvanta pulakinthe, vayasanta giliginthe

    F----------C---------F-----------------F --
    Preminche prati manishi idi ponde anubhute,

    -C Dm--------------Am-----------------------(my fav part)
    ---Anuragala saram jeevithamanukunte

    Anubandhala teeram anandalunte,

    Prati manasula kalige bhavam premele

    and then back to F

    Its a beautiful composition and my favorite part of the song
    is when the chord change from C -> Dm ---> Am occurs.
    sounds really beautiful.

    Thank you

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    May 2009
    @ ko_arjun ..
    hello boss..please join this "telugu guitar songs " community in orkut and post your songs helps a lot for every one..



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