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    Post Where to post Kannada guitar tabs?

    Hi Moderator,
    I have couple of very good KANNADA songs which I have tabbed myself and wanted to post them on IGT, but I could not find a place to post KANNADA tabs. You can expect many more such tabs in future too from me
    So can you please let me know which will be the ideal place to post my KANNADA tabs?
    And sorry for asking this question in this part of the forum.

    - Vikas DK

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    Sep 2008

    Kindly Listen...

    This problem is there since very long time. The folks who wanna post or request the kannada tabs are not able to do that... Recent time, there's been plenty of Mano Murthy, Raghu Dixit's haunting numbers which are awaited for the tabbing.
    Since Music has no language & its challenging as well as interesting to get introduced some great tracks from kannada, Karnataka..the land of music which introduced great classical music called KARNATIC (Carnatic)..Only alternative to HINDUSTHANI Music...
    Hope, the issue will be resolved soon...
    All of you Folks...! Have a great day ..

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    may be u can post in Marathi tabs ! [:P]...
    as its close to kannada region...

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    kannada forum

    till we have a forum for kannada here, u can probably post ur tabs here...

    it has a kannada forum....i have a few tabs as well...we can share them....
    Last edited by Super-Admin; 05-28-2011 at 09:45 AM. Reason: @ksthehunk - now that we have our own forum - I guess we can post the content here.

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    V r totally in need of a KANNADA many awesum songs like mungaaru male, anisutide, ninna puje ge, many many............

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    Nov 2008
    Creating a new TAB should not be a big deal for the Moderator. Whoever mainting the site please create a new TAB (Kannada Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request ) for Placing Kannada Songs tabs.

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    @Vikas : Your wish is fulfilled!!! Please check the new Kannada guitar tabs forum in IGT!!!
    Moving this thread there!!!

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    Thanks Rajrocks for sharing the good news

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    @Vikas.Kulkarni - Great to see you back !!

    I'm sure there are tons of Kannada numbers that rock !

    Hope to see lot more contribution from you, as you had already asked for ..

    Where are you from? and what do u do?



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