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    komal29 is offline Composer
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    Sep 2011

    REQ: chords for 'Rekke Iddare Saake' from 'Chinnari Muttha'

    This was my favourite song as a kid..Tell me one kannadiga whose it isnt?..for the kind of simple message of life it conveys
    Chinnari mutta was a milestone in kannada movies.Kindly post the chords for this song..if not enjoy a lovely song

    Chinnari Mutta Rekke Iddare Sake - YouTube


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    Vivek Nag is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2013
    Hey Komal29, i am new to IGT and spend my free time trying to decode chords of songs.

    I love this song as well.

    Following are the chords for the song:

    Movie Name: Chinnari Mutta
    Song: Rekke Iddare Sake
    Scale: Bb / A#
    Strumming pattern: D-DUDU D-DUDU

    Rekke iddare saake
    Bb D#m
    Hakkige beku baanu
    Bb D#m
    Bayalali Telutha Taanu
    Myaale Haaroke

    Let me know if this is right and i'll post the chords for the rest of the song..
    Hope you found it useful.




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