Janaki Amma's singing,Chi Udayashankar's Bhaavageethe,Lakshmi's expressions,Rajan-Nagendra's music-I dunno what makes this song the way it is..!

Kindly post the chords for it or else enjoy a masterpeice..!
Omme Ninnannu - Gaalimathu - YouTube
The lyricist is a genius because it can be percieved as a nature song as well as a lover's song

one youtube commenter says..
"the fact behind the lyrics is astonishingly amazing! Till last week, I did not know how much twist is hidden in this song. I happened to read an article on this lyrics in a newspaper and was pleasantly surprized to know the hidden fact. The song is not just a bhaava geethe, or not just a stage-song or not just a prema geethe or not just a girl-to-guy / guy-to-girl kind of song. It is everything PLUS a nature oriented song prasing the SUN!"