This 'bhavageethe' lyrics by Chi.Udayashankar,Janaki amma's voice and the tune by Rajan Nagendra and add to it everlasting beautiful expressions of Laxmi..all take my breath away..Kindly someone post the chords for it else enjoy a classic

Omme Ninnannu - Gaalimathu - YouTube

song trivia -[source-a user comment on youtube]... you have some valid points, but the fact behind the lyrics is astonishingly amazing! Till last week, I did not know how much twist is hidden in this song. I happened to read an article on this lyrics in a newspaper and was pleasantly surprized to know the hidden fact.
The song is not just a bhaava geethe, or not just a stage-song or not just a prema geethe or not just a girl-to-guy / guy-to-girl kind of song. It is everything PLUS a nature oriented song prasing the SUN!...