This morning, we rolled in another BIG change on IGT.

If you've noticed the URLs, you'll realize that we have changed from dynamic URLs (which looked something like ... showthread.php?=1231231312) to content relevant static URL.

The initial effect of this change is that we might experience a slight downfall in traffic, i.e. those folks who find us through Search Engines can reduce by 10% - 15%. However, in the long run, this change will help us build a better and stronger community of musicians.

This change will NOT affect any of the users, not a bit ! However, if you had blogged / published or written about any particular thread, then it will be linking back to the previous dynamic URL. You can change it by --> Clicking on the old link --> which will direct you to the new link structure and you can update your blog with the new links.

This is a one time change.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask me.